Leaders in animal orthotics and prosthetics in South Africa, we create new products to ensure your pets and animals are assured of a potentially normal life.

A complete range of products

Utility harness

Comes in any colour you prefer. Optional reflector and logo inserts and is ideal for any working  or hunting dog.
Spinal rehab brace (no-flex)

Our new spinal brace are design to decrease the lateral and medial  (side to side) movement of the animal. Giving them time post surgery to heal.
Drag bag

We also manufacture our own version of a drag bag. For those dogs that can not afford a wheelchair.
Water protect

Protects dogs ears against water entry
Doggy wheelchairs

Weight only 3,5kg.
Very comfortable.
Hip adduction brace

Our new hip adduction brace provides the necessary support ,and limits range of motion post operation.

Leg Splints for game

Ideally positioned to enable maximum support and ease of use

Upper leg supports

Excellent support structure and complete freedom of movement

Avian leg support

Supple arrangement to avoid movement restriction

Complete structure support

3G technology offers structure support and complete balanc
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