It is of utmost importance for Ortho Pets Africa to have a good relationship with our patients and their owners.

Our vision at Ortho Pets Africa is to improve our patient’s quality of life through innovative Prosthetic & Orthotic solutions.

Ortho Pets Africa strives to give each patient a second chance to enjoy a normal life. We have found our non-invasive health care options can drastically improve the quality of life for a wide variety of animals. Partnering with various animal healthcare professionals and animal lovers we provide the best Animal Orthotic and Prosthetic care available.

Ortho Pets Africa will do everything we can to help these perfect creations called ANIMALS!

We will be their voice


A complete range of products
  • Fracture splints
  • Post op supportive braces
  • Soft hoof support
  • Custom long and short rehab braces
  • Hoof build ups
  • Range of motion controlling braces
  • Avain Leg support
  • Complete structure support
  • Utility Harness
  • Spinal rehab brace (no flex)
  • Drag bag
  • Water Protect
  • Wheelchairs
  • Hip Adduction brace
  • Leg splints
  • Upper leg support
Ortho Pets Africa
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